Thursday, March 5, 2009

wHat I tHiNk aBouT tHiS aRtiCLe...

I read this article because I want to get more information about how to build trust in relationship. It is because I think that friendship is very important in our life especially as a friend. I love to make friend with someone. Why? It is because when we make friend, it can make our life better than if we don’t have friend. For me, I can’t live without a friend. I love my friend so much. This article was listed 6 step to build trust in relationship which are trust in ourselves, don’t break up a promise without a relevant reason, keep confidences, respect each other, always be cool in whatever situation and be honest with other people. So, I think that this article is suitable to whoever who want to make sure his/her relationship is a ‘wonderful’ relationship.

i love my friends...

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