Monday, March 23, 2009

tHiRd PosTiNg


3.eric digest


all of the search engines is used to search information that we need in our studies.We ca n browse any information that we need in the search engines that i listed above which are, google scholar, eric digest and search engines is very useful especially for students. it is very easy to use these search engines. just enter the key word and then we can access the information that we want. It is easy...right???

DIFFERENCES is the biggest search engine that i found among 4 search engines that i listed above. also is the search engine that make everybody want to search the information in French. So, it can make people easy to search information that they need in French.other than that, this search engine is the best search engine that i believe even i'm new in this search engine. It is because i'm not familiar with this search engine before this.

Google Scholar

Google scholar is the search engine that also useful to search information but it is not wide as It is the search engine that more to academic information and also for scholar. Is the search engine that provide the information that might useful for students especially.

Eric Digest

This search engine is more to educational. So,this search engine is very useful for advance learner. When we search for the information, we can find that the information in article and journal form. Other than that, the best part of this search engine is when we browse for the information, we can also given the author and references.

This is the famous search engine. It is well-known. It is the simple search engine that make everyone get the information that they need easily. This search engine also also shows the latest news and also advertisements. so, this search engine is very simple and i believe that all of us prefer to use this search engine.

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