Monday, March 16, 2009

2nd posting

Do you know that how blogging you can improve my writing skill? It is true. Why I say that? It is because when I start blogging I can feel that my grammar is better than before. I feel that my grammar is terrible before I start blogging. It is because when I want to posting whatever in my blog, I do a lots of reading, searching information from books, magazine that are related to the topics that I supposed to do and also dictionary. So indirectly, it can make my writing skill getting better and better every day especially when I want to post anything in my blog because in blog, other’s blogger can comments you. So, by hook or by crook, I must always make sure that I don’t any mistake.
Other than that, when I start blogging I also can improve in grammar but also in vocabulary. Why? It is because when I want to post something in my blog I must search for internet to find information and read a lot of things. So through this process, I can realize that I discover a few words that I never know before. So, here I can say that through blogging I can make myself getting better and better in writing skill.
Academically, when I want to post anything in my blog I realize that I always and always make sure that what I do is correct. So in conclusion I can say that blogging can enhance my writing skill.:)

bLogs tHat I am eNJoy rEadiNg...

ok, here i want to share to all of us the most glog that i enjoy reading. the first one is che det blog's. This is Tun Dr Mahathir's blog.I really enjoy reading this blog because i can gain a lot of information. As we all know, Tun Dr Mahathir is our 4th Prime Minister. One of the main reason why i really enjoy this blog because i'm really admire him very much. in my opinion, he is a greatest man in the world.

other than that, from this blog i also can get latest issue that comment by him. for example, the latest issue in his blog is about PPSMI.

So, if you want to know more about this blog just go this URL..


hOw bLoGGiNg EnHanCe My wRittiNg sKiLL

the second blog that i enjoy reading is Amanda Beth's blog. This blog can guide me on how to make myself more elegant, beautiful and this blog also encourage me to become modesty in many ways. So, i think that this blog is very interesting not only for me but also every women all over the world.

Other than that,this blog also help me to become stylish on how to present myself. This blog also give tips on "fashion World".What i mean here is about how to use accessories, how to choose cloth that is suitable and how to look natural beauty without make up. SMILE... It can make us always beautiful..:)

So, let us go trough this blog...



  1. I going trough chedet blogs. Its a very interesting blog. Thanks 4 sharing dats blog.

  2. welcome.It is interesting right???



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